Christine & Karl

On January 27, 2017, Christine and Karl married each other in Seattle, Washington. This is their story:

Getting Ready at The Edgewater

The view from Christine and Karl's hotel room at The Edgewater along the Seattle waterfront.

First Look


Christine and Karl had their first look just outside of The Edgewater.

After a few beautiful wedding portraits, Christine and Karl hopped on the party bus to the MV Skansonia.

And after some wedding party photos at MV Skansonia, Christine and Karl headed to University Lutheran Church to be married.

Karl and his mom were all smiles that day :)


As were all of the kids in attendance!

Wedding Ceremony at University Lutheran Church

Finally, it was wedding time.


And Christine and Karl were married!

The priest and the marriage certificate made it official.

Reception at Lake Union Cafe

The table details were stunning, warm, and sparkly. The classic cake matched.

While friends and family were getting settled, the wedding party had some champagne toasts.

A little while later after dinner, it was cake cutting time. Karl was ready.

And the bridesmaids were ready a little later with a collective wedding toast.


Christine and Karl had their first dance front and center at Lake Union Cafe.

Karl danced with his mother, and then the rest of the wedding guests hit the dance floor.

Christine and Karl share a quiet, romantic moment with each other at the end of a wonderful, fun night.

Photographed with Mariah Gentry.