Shyanne & Nick

One, winter morning in February, Shyanne, Nick, and I drove to just outside of Seattle, Washington for a sunrise hike. Shyanne and Nick were new to the area and wanted to find a couple of new hikes. So, I took them to a classic: Rattlesnake Ledge.

After scrambling a little bit away from the small group of hikers who also had the idea of a sunrise hike that day, Shyanne and Nick swapped their hiking clothes for a dress and suit.

We had some fun taking engagement photos with the gorgeous, snowy Cascade Mountains in the background (a classic Pacific Northwest backdrop)!


Despite being 20-30 degrees, Nick and Shyanne were cuddly and romantic, completely lost in each other.


After a few more photos, Shyanne and Nick switched back into hiking clothes and we were on our way out. Rattlesnake Ledge, done!