Theresa & Jeff

On a beautiful, fall day in Parker, Colorado, Theresa and Jeff were married at the stunning Villa Parker. This is their wedding story:

Getting Ready in Parker, COlorado

Jeff was looking sharp with a simple boutonniere and white pocket square.

And he was all smiles as he read Theresa's wedding day note.

First Look

The bridesmaids walked Theresa in as Jeff and the groomsmen patiently waited for first look. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Jeff and Theresa were all smiles in their first look.

Villa Parker Wedding Details

Jeff and Theresa made their own, adorable and unique cake.

Wedding Ceremony

Theresa and Jeff paid their respects to both their parents and family members at the beginning of the ceremony.

And in no time, they were married!

Bride and Groom Portraits

After the ceremony, Jeff and Theresa wandered off and shared some happy, quiet, and romantic moments together as Villa Parker transitioned for dinner.


Reception at Villa Parker

At the beginning of dinner, Jeff and Theresa made their grand entrance into the spotlight (*ahem* sunlight).

Everybody was laughing and cheering during wedding toasts.

And Theresa and Jeff finally got to each their delicious, handmade cake.

And with that, Theresa and Jeff were married and danced the night away!

Photographed with Eggsposure.