Jenn & Timm

On a classic Seattle autumn day, Jenn and Timm were married at Blue Ribbon Cooking Culinary Center in Seattle, Washington. This is their wedding story:

First Look at University of Washington

Jenn and Timm got engaged in the most fitting way possible. With his family hailing from Scotland, Timm and Jenn were on a trip to visit his family castle. During that trip, Jenn managed to secure entrance despite the castle's closing, and Timm dropped to one knee and proposed.

His wedding attired featured his family colors and crest.

After a few detail shots while he patiently waited, it was time for Timm's first look.

Jenn and Timm shared a few quiet, romantic moments together.


Timm's mother was quite happy for and proud of Timm.

Jenn and Timm wandered around the University of Washington campus for a few wedding portraits, and then finally made it to their wedding venue: Blue Ribbon Cooking Culinary Center.


Wedding Ceremony at Blue Ribbon Cooking Culinary Center

One of the kids at the wedding had a few kind words to say about Jenn and Timm during their ceremony.


Jenn and Timm were married!


Wedding Reception at Blue Ribbon

After the ceremony, Jenn and Timm tucked away for a brief break and signed their marriage certificate, made official by wax seal from their friend and officiant.

Timm's parents had numerous gifts to give to the recently wed couple.

As Timm's mother exited the bridal room, her relatives were there to greet her with a reenactment of her expression during her son's wedding ceremony 😂

Jenn and Timm had a complementary blue and orange color palette for dinner.

After dinner, wedding toasts were given by their bridesmaids and groomsmen...

...cracking everybody up.

Finally, it was time to cut the wedding cake! In Scottish fashion, the cake topper featured Timm's family castle.

Jenn and Timm had their first dance, during which they had a wonderful idea and asked everybody else to join in.

With their closest friends and family by their side, Jenn and Timm were married in Seattle!

Photographed with Mariah Gentry.