Cynthia & Eddie

On a warm summer day in the Pacific Northwest, Cynthia and Eddie were happily married. This is their story:

First Look at Kubota Garden

After an intimate, private first look, Eddie and the bridesmaids helped Cynthia with her gorgeous wedding dress train around Kubota Garden in Seattle, Washington.

Eddie and his groomsmen mixed things up a little, wearing superhero cufflinks.

Wedding Vows and WEdding Party Photos

Cynthia and Eddie shared some lovely vows with each other, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Cynthia and Eddie stepped away for a little bit for some romantic portraits of their own.

Wedding Ceremony

Finally, it was time to be married.


Bride and Groom Portraits In Seattle

After a laughter-filled ceremony, Eddie and Cynthia went exploring around the Seattle waterfront.

They saw the Seattle Great Wheel, and adventured around the dock on a warm summer day.


Finally, it was time to meet up with the rest of their close ones at Joyale Restaurant in Seattle and get the party started.

Photographed with Ben Nguyen.