Jenny & John

On a pleasant, summer's day, Jenny and John were married in Woodinville, Washington. This is their story:

Getting Ready in Woodinville

Jenny had a simple yet elegant wedding dress.

John's mom practiced her wedding toast with the bridesmaids.

John wrote a little wedding day note for Jenny ❤️ and then the bridesmaids helped her into her wedding dress.

First Look at Saint Theresa of Calcutta

Wedding Ceremony

Unfortunately, Jenny's parents were unable to make it from El Salvador. Instead, John's father helped walk Jenny down the aisle.

Father told some jokes during his sermon, and then it was time for Jenny and John to be married.

After wedding vows and rings, Jenny and John were married!


Jenny was quite excited as she walked down the aisle with John.

Wedding Reception at Woodinville Lavender

After the ceremony, everybody headed to Woodinville Lavender for the reception.

With some extra time, Jenny, John, the bridesmaids and groomsmen ventured off for a few more wedding party photos.

After a tasty, Spanish paella dinner, it was toast time. John's mother had one of the most clever toasts of all time.

And then it was time for some cake and dancing!


John and Jenny wandered off in the midst of dancing for a quiet, romantic moment together.


After returning to the dance floor, John and Jenny partied the night away.