Anita & Corey

On a summer day in August, Anita and Corey were married at the Golf Course at Echo Falls in Snohomish, Washington. This is their story:

WEdding Details

Anita & Corey had an AWESOME, Star Wars themed cake topper.

Getting Ready at Echo Falls Golf Course

Everybody was all smiles on Anita and Corey's wedding day.

First Look

After being blindfolded so ensure he couldn't see Anita quite yet, Corey waited patiently for his first look.

Anita and Corey wandered around the golf course...

...and shared a few romantic moments together.

Corey and his daughter had a few laughs together.

While Corey's daughter and the other flower girl had some golf cart adventures together.

Wedding Ceremony

Finally, it was time to be married. Anita's uncle walked her in, and her father walked her down the aisle.


Anita and Corey were married!


Wedding Reception at Echo Falls Golf Course

While Anita and Corey took a break, the flower girls had fun owning the dance floor.

After a little bit, Anita and Corey had their grand entrance with their flower girls and first dance.

After an amazing dinner complemented with Indian food from Anita's family, Anita and Corey went outside to catch sunset.

After returning inside for the celebration, Anita's father gave a wedding toast. Anita and Corey also had gifts for a few special wedding guests who said some words during their ceremony.

Finally, it was time for some cake and dancing!


While everybody was celebrating, Anita, Corey, and their wedding party snuck off to change into traditional Indian wedding dress to surprise Anita's family.

After signing their marriage certificate and saying hello to family in India, Anita and Corey were married!

Photographed with Mariah Gentry.