Grace & James

One warm July day in Kirkland, Washington, Grace and James flew back to the Pacific Northwest and were married at Heritage Hall. This is their wedding story:

First Look

Hiding away from the heat in the shade, James caught his first look of Grace in her wedding dress.


Friends & Family

Grace and James rounded up their friends and family - most of whom had traveled from far and wide to get to Washington for their wedding - for a few photos together.

Bride & Groom Portraits

After catching up with everyone, Grace and James snuck away to the Kirkland waterfront for some time together before their ceremony.


Heritage Hall Wedding Details

Before the wedding, in following tradition of 1000 cranes, Grace and James had folded over 900 origami paper cranes. They left the remaining 100 or so to their guests so that everyone could forever be a part of their wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony

Finally, it was time to be married, and James wanted both his parents to help him down the aisle.

One of Grace and James’s wedding guests, a violinist, started playing as Grace came down the aisle with her father.


Stephanie, their officiant and friend, shared a few words and jokes.

Grace and James then invited all of their guests to bring up their newly folded origami paper cranes to reach 1000.

Moments later, Grace and James kissed and sealed their marriage!

After celebrating their marriage ceremony, Grace and James were joined by Grace’s brother, James’s sister, and Stephanie to make their marriage official.

Once everything was signed and sealed, Grace and James shared a quiet moment together before venturing back out to mingle with their guests.



At each of the tables, there were charade cards for guests to play with. Many laughs and high fives were going around. And, when everyone was done with dinner, there were custom made camping mugs and a variety of moon cakes for guests to have.

Grace and James had some difficulty which flavor of moon cake to pick out.

Finally, it was time to hit the dance floor.

Happy and surrounded by their closest friends and family, Grace and James enjoyed a tender moment together as the sun set on a wonderful wedding day.